Natureye Eye Mask
Natureye Eye Mask
Natureye Eye Mask
Natureye Eye Mask
Natureye Eye Mask
Natureye Eye Mask
Natureye Eye Mask
Natureye Eye Mask
Natureye Eye Mask
Natureye Eye Mask
Natureye Eye Mask

Natureye Eye Mask

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Natureye eye mask:

Cooling plant extract eye mask. Refreshes & cools tired eyes in just 15 minutes.


1. Natureye eye mask is formulated with ingredients from plant extracts to provide maximum hydration for tired eyes.

2. Refreshing menthol to help relax and cool tired eyes.

3.Suitable for strained eyes after prolonged usage of digital devices and reading.

4. Suitable for users with dull eyes and ocular discomfort.

5. No artificial fragrance or chemical dyes added.


1. Ensure the eye region is clean and dry before using

2. Remove eye mask from packaging and apply it to closed eyes.

3. Allow eye mask to make full contact with the skin.

4. Enjoy the cooling eye spa for 15-20 mins before removal


1. Contact lenses should be removed before usage.

2. Do not apply to users with ocular injury or inflamed ophthalmopathy.

3. Users with sensitive skin are advised to do a patch test before usage

4. Not suitable for users with skin allergies.

5. If you experience any irritation, discontinue immediately and consult a doctor.

6. This product is not a substitute for medicine and medical devices

7. For external use only.


Natureye is made of 99% plants and herbs. It works by penetrating the essence of the herbs into your acupuncture points around the eye. So during the first few usages, you will feel a very minty and even hot sensation. That is the herbs working to create blood circulation around the eye. It helps to detox and expels toxins around your eye. I have some feedbacks where after the first few uses, people get more eye discharge the next day and that is completely normal! That is just the eye detoxing. And after each use, you can instantly feel like your eye is lifted, and you will feel very awake. Some people live with tired eyes and are completely unaware of it until they use natureye and they realize their eyelid doesn’t droop as much. Conventional eyemask for dark eye circles works by using harsh chemicals to whiten the darkened area on the surface. But in the view of TCM, we believe that blood circulation is the key to all illnesses. So when your blood circulation is very good, your eye actually naturally looks healthier. The dark eye circles around your eye are actually caused by all the late nights and tiredness, “bad blood” accumulated around the eye. So when blood circulation is improved, all these will go away naturally. But also because natureye is a TCM remedy, there is not much scientific proof that it actually works. However, we have testimonies that nature helped with a lot of eye-related problems. Blocked eye glands, eye infection, sty, tiredness, puffiness. And by far, this helps with even conditions like cataract, short-sightedness, and even myodesopsia. But for more serious conditions like such, very frequent usage is required. Like for a cataract, you have to use it for every day for at least a month, as mentioned previously is that it will help while you are using it, and the unknown is whether or not these conditions will relapse when you stop using. The most visible effect of nature is the reduction in eye puffiness, relief of tiredness, dark eye circles, and the relief of swell during a sty/infection.

Usage wise I would recommend closer usage when you first start, like daily (preferably) or at least 3/4 times a week for the first
Moving forward, you may drop the usage to your own preference for maintenance or when your eyes are feeling dry and tired.