Naked Blend Uji Matcha Milk Tea

Naked Blend Uji Matcha Milk Tea

Naked Blend
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Supercharge your day with Naked Blend plant-based matcha low-calorie milk tea. Farmed from an organic pesticide-free garden in Kyoto, these Uji matcha leaves are sweet and vegetal but balanced by a bit of bitterness and that hit of umami.

Matcha pumps you up without the jitters, and at the same time keeps you calm and focused - because it contains both caffeine and L-Theanine.

Perfect as your morning perk-me-up or pre-workout drink, this is the super-drink to take on the day. As if that wasn’t enough, matcha has fat-burning, metabolism-boosting antioxidants called ECGC. Jam-packed with plant-based goodness, matcha milk tea is your weight-management and anti-ageing hero.

Full Ingredients List 

Uji Matcha, Black Tea, Green Tea, Pu'er Tea, Pea Powder, Coconut Creamer, Soy Milk, Bitter Orange, Garcinia Cambogia, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, Curcumin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Ginko, Glutathione, Rose buds, Permitted Flavouring, Stevia. 



15 sachets per box

5g per sachet



✔ Boost metabolism 
✔ Suppress appetite
✔ Accelerate calories burning
✔ Curb sugar & carb cravings
✔ Aid fat burning & weight loss
✔ Improve bowel function & leaky gut
✔ Aid in regulating fats in blood vessels
✔ Help reduce skin pigmentation
✔ Promote collagen production
✔ Repel free radicals to restore fair skin
✔ Protection from harmful UV rays
✔ Anti-aging by repairing and restoring damaged cells


When to Consume

1. Empty contents in one sachet of Naked Blend milk tea in a cup
2. Fill cup with 200ml - 250ml of hot water
3. Stir to dissolve and mix well
4. Add ice cubes as desired or enjoy served warm

*Due to the stronger tea blend (pu’er + green tea + black tea), avoid consuming our milk tea on empty stomach, especially if you are prone to gastric.