Cavilla Lash Serum & Hair Tonic Bundle of 3 (Mix & Match)
Cavilla Lash Serum & Hair Tonic Bundle of 3 (Mix & Match)
Cavilla Lash Serum & Hair Tonic Bundle of 3 (Mix & Match)
Cavilla Lash Serum & Hair Tonic Bundle of 3 (Mix & Match)
Cavilla Lash Serum & Hair Tonic Bundle of 3 (Mix & Match)

Cavilla Lash Serum & Hair Tonic Bundle of 3 (Mix & Match)

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Cavilla Lash Serum has quickly become the fastest-growing brand known for hair growth. This serum not only helps with strengthening but also speeds up the growth of your lashes. It is also recommended to be applied on your brows if needed.

Choose Cavilla only if you want to:

  • Achieve fluffy long lashes
  • Strengthen lash health
  • Increase thickness/density of lash line
  • Have thicker brows

Best results would be achieved only when a full treatment is completed.

A full treatment takes up 3 bottles of Cavilla Lash Serum.

However, this also depends on the individual. We have customers who are able to see instant results in a month with JUST 1 BOTTLE.

(Check out review section & photos in the listing)

If you are looking for a trusty lash serum and not sure whether to take a leap of faith, here's why you should choose Cavilla:

1. 100% Natural Ingredients

2. 3x Faster & Effective

3. Repair damaged hair follicles


If you have sensitive skin/eye or you are afraid of harmful ingredients, fret not because Cavilla lash serum is:

1. Paraban- Free

2. Sulfate-Free

3. Alcohol-Free

4. Silicone-Free

Please kindly follow the proper usage guide in the photos and only increase usage from the 2nd week.


The skin around our eye area is very extremely sensitive as compared to the other parts of the body. Some customers may not be used to the active ingredients that stimulate blood circulation. Hence, we would advise to start slow and apply with a lighter hand as a start.


Why do I experience redness or tingling sensation?

By far, none of my customers has experienced severe condition from this product. However, I would like to highlight that our eye area is very sensitive. Cavilla Lash Serum stimulates blood circulation and therefore first-timers may experience slight redness or itch initially. It will eventually go away within 3-5 days.

Also, refrain from drenching/soaking your lashes in the serum for "rapid" effect.

Patience is a virtue ladies! 

Note: If the redness or itch doesn't go away, immediately remove the product on your lashes. I would recommend to only return to using the lash serum once a day, sparingly after giving it a rest for 1-2 days.

Say Goodbye To Hair Loss

Cavilla Hair Tonic's blend of all-natural precious plant extract nourishes every hair follicle encouraging fuller and thicker hair growth. Regain that confidence with a fuller hairline.

Effective & Proven Benefits with 3-8 weeks

With our concentrated blend of plant extracts including ancient Chinese Ginseng to strengthen and encourage reawakening of dormant hair roots

Suitable for: - Hair loss problems - Sensitive Scalp - Receding Hairlines - Premature Balding - Seborrheic Dermatitis - Scalp Inflammation

There are many fakes in the market. Please note that authorized distributors are not allowed to sell on platforms like Shopee, Lazada & Qoo10. 

Kindly view photos to spot fake Cavilla Lash Serum online.