Masil 38 Gift Set (Limited Edition)
Masil 38 Gift Set (Limited Edition)
Masil 38 Gift Set (Limited Edition)
Masil 38 Gift Set (Limited Edition)
Masil 38 Gift Set (Limited Edition)

Masil 38 Gift Set (Limited Edition)

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1* Masil Gift Set (Inclusive of 1 full-sized CMC Shampoo, 8 Sec Hair Mask, 4 travel-sized sachets- 2 products each)


1. Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo 300ml

Made in Korea

Shiny, frizz-free hair in just 3 washes!

•    Scalp and hair-friendly cleansing element base
•    Repair dry and damaged
•    Uses Ceramide-like substance, CMC Amino to smoothen out hair texture
•    Restore and soften coarse hair
•    Hydrates and strengthen hair health
•    Achieve silky & shiny hair in NO TIME

What is CMC?

CMC (Cell Membrane Complex) exists in the outer layer of the hair
(hair cuticles) and the inner layer of the hair (hair cortex). CMC retains moisture, protein & oil in our hair. It is important to keep the layer strong and healthy. Our hair is often damaged by harsh chemical treatments & heat from styling causing the loss of CMC. Hence, resulting in dry, frizzy hair. Masil Shampoo is able to restore optimal CMC health and repair damaged hair effectively. It also has a cooling sensation to ease itchy scalp and smells like Jo Malone Peony & Blush!


2. Masil 8 Seconds Salon Hair Treatment Mask 200ml

Made In Korea

Achieve soft silky hair within just 8 secs! This product is marketed to consumers who are too lazy to put on a hair mask that needs 20-30 mins of waiting time yet wanting the full result of it. You are able to use this product in the shower as a normal conditioner yet reaping 10x more effective results as compared to any conditioners in the market.

Pamper yourself with a salon-standard hair treatment at the convenience of your own home! No more extra $$ on expensive hair treatments.

All you need is just 8 seconds to regain your youthful-looking hair!

Apply on hair ends only.